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Our Vision

Through photojournalism I found the world. I found a passion for storytelling, a love for teaching and most importantly I found my voice. This project will help people around the world find their voices too.

First Capture aims to provide marginalized communities around the world and at home, an opportunity to share their story and connect with a larger audience through the medium of visual journalism. It is a project about perspective, seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and hopefully making it a slightly better place.

Tyler Anderson / First Capture Founder

Our Storytellers

"Before looking through the camera, we looked at small insects and saw small creatures, so that when we walked we did not care about them. After looking through the camera, we understand they are also creatures like us. We must not stamp them."

Madhu Bala, P / GPS Student

Our Partners

Our award winning team of photojournalists and educators believe that the best stories are told by the people closet to them. That is why we partner with local organizations to bring the classroom directly to the communities we work in.

With the valued support of our sponsors, we are able to deliver workshops combining top-notch equipment and sustained mentorship programs to our participants. Together we will grow and expand our community based local storytelling projects and create a global community.

Collaborate With Us
Global Pathways School Project

Look At Us

The grade nine students at Global Pathways School in Chettipalayam, India, spent a week learning how to take pictures. For many of them it was their first time using a camera. Check out their story below.
Full Story - Look At Us
Collaboration To Shed Light on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Issue

Silent No More

This unique collaboration between National Post, Centennial Collage and a group of high school students at Maples Collegiate looked at a difficult story in a totally new way.
Full Story - Silent No More
COVID-19 Quarantine Project

Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada

Through the magic of the internet, we collaborated with Bigs & Littles teaching them how to work the cameras and tell their stories through photojournalism.


Check out what quarantine looks like through the eyes of 11- to 17-year-old students.

Full Story - COVID Quarantine

Past Collaborators and Partners