A First Capture Education Project

In Partnership with Global Pathways School

Look At Us

Too often we think about telling stories with words alone. We forget the power of images to communicate where language may seem inadequate.

The grade nine students at Global Pathways School in Chettipalayam, India, spent a week learning how to take pictures. For many of them it was their first time using a camera. In photography, some found a voice they didn’t know they had. The camera gave them license to go to new places in their village. They noticed things they hadn’t before. They engaged with lifelong neighbours for the first time. Some even said the camera made them feel strong.

This Talented group of students started to look at life in new ways. Throughout this phenomenal journey they produced images that allowed us to see their community through their eyes. It is an intimate experience only they could have created. This is what they saw.  

Bhuvaneshwari. P

The red cotton saree hangs from the Neem tree and cradles Dhanshika, an 8-month baby girl. Her sister kisses the baby as she sleeps in Anna Nagar.

Charles Finny. T

A man from Kalaignar Nagar plays with his pet goat in the early hours on a Saturday morning. While they were playing, the goat became defensive and tried to protect itself by jumping in the air at the man.

The man and the girl were married in January in Anna Nagar. It was a Muslim wedding. After marrying in the mosque, the bride and groom go back to their homes to celebrate with their relatives and a feast. Harish Kumar. R .

Mahalakshmi. K

GPS student Kanipandi is dressed by his mother in weekend clothes, while his father is asleep one Saturday morning. The boy lives in the second settlement nearby the only Christian church of Kalaignar Nagar.

Karthika. S

Hindu women practice Rangoli on their front doorstep to add beauty to their homes. Rangoli is made from rice powder and starts with symmetrical lines and dots. From that base, women can pick colours and make their own designs.

Women collect cooking water from the borewell tap in Anna Nagar settlement. The tap turns on every day at 4pm and is half a kilometre away from the settlement houses. Each house gets four pots of water. Bhuvaneshwari. P

“I am taking photos and everyone is seeing me. I’m so proud!”

— Asha Berlin

Moses, a boy in standard six at GPS, throws stones at a 130-year-old fruit tree. The stones will knock down the tamarind, a fruit that blossoms only two or three times a year. His mother will use the tamarind to cook in the curry for his family’s lunch. Akash Praveen. G

A man walks during the sunset in Kalaignar Nagar. His name is Guna. He has very powerful strength. Kishore. S

Karthika. S

Poornitha is reading her math book. Hari Haran wakes Shakthi while he reads his GK book. The pink colour net protects them from mosquitoes. They’ll share their bed with each other in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore. They are brothers and sisters.

Two women in Chettipalayam, coimbatore, paint their house for Pongal, a Hindu festival that celebrates the harvest.They paint their house so that it will be clean when they pray to their god for the upcoming year. Santosh. S

Mohanapriya. P

A man on a motorbike and a boy named Shriram race each other. They do this every morning for fun.

Special thanks to Sony for providing the cameras and technical support for this project.

And to the students and staff of GPS, you all make the world a better place!